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Consulting as an industry is at a crossroads. Many traditional areas of expertise are becoming commodities. It is increasingly difficult to get face time from clients. The Four Ps of Consulting - Pen, Paper, and PowerPoint - still work, but your clients expect more. 

We used to be a change management consultancy. We saw the writing on the wall, and developed a digital platform that enabled us to facilitate in new ways, scale our project size by 10x, and give our clients something new and exciting.

It revolutionized our business to the extent that we knew we couldn't just keep it to ourselves. We call the software REAL.

Supercharge your projects

Create your own process with our intuitive drag and drop interface. Engage hundreds or thousands through seamless one-click participation on any device. And after the project's done, it's all in one place, a living document of the discussions you had and the decisions you made. It couldn't be any easier.



Increase impact by involving everyone in the process. With REAL, it's just as easy to facilitate 50 people as it is to facilitate 5,000 people. 

Read a case story of 2 consultants facilitating 5,000 people across 6 countries →



Activate participants with pre-work and post-work discussions, polls, assignments, and more. Document workshops together with videos and photos. All in real time. 

Read a case story of a 700-person workshop facilitated with REAL →



Drag and drop interface for you, and one-click participation on any device for your participants. If you can draw your process on a flip chart, you can build it with REAL.

Access a demo workspace with this link to see how easy it really is →


Change and transformation

Drive faster, smoother, and more lasting change by creating a continuous process of genuine engagement in one shared, distraction-free space. 



Organizational culture happens in local dialogues. Making those dialogues visible throughout the organization helps surface the real issues, and set the path for change. With REAL, you can invite individuals or teams to the dialogue, decide who gets to participate at which stage, and scale the dialogue in a structured manner through the whole organization. 

Read a case story of co-created strategy renewal through dialogue →



Analyzing a discussion with hundreds or thousands of participants can get overwhelming. REAL makes your life easier by allowing you to turn the contents of any chat or dialogue into a Word Cloud. Even better, from the Word Cloud you can drill down to words and all the way to the level of individual sentences to get the full context. 


IDENTIFY CRITICAL THEMES and reach conclusions

Sometimes the most important things have to be read between the lines. The Sense Making functionality allows you to create themes, collect quotes relevant to each theme, and discuss conclusions in a theme view. You can also allow participants to collect quotes and define themes, for a bit of co-creation and emergent thinking. 


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Workshops and training

Increase your impact by expanding and extending the engagement digitally, and maximize time spent on critical issues by handling preparations, materials, feedback, and other support activities through REAL.


TURN THAT one-day management workshop into a four-week learning path for the whole organization

We're big proponents of the 70/20/10 model for learning. With REAL, you can get the ball rolling with one or two quick rounds of pre-activation, follow up with a group exercise right after the workshop, and close with an individual reflection assignment. And who cares if the workshop is only for the management team, you can still engage the whole organization for a preparatory discussion, and again to implement the workshop's outcomes.


ENERGIZE people with an interactive day

Invite your participants to co-create the workshop. Take photos of your flip charts and Post-its, and document group exercises with short videos. List, comment and vote on ideas, and run real-time polls throughout the day. Build on that content for a round or two of post-activation. Forget about "the deck, the whole deck, and nothing but the deck" - this is the modern workshop. 



Because it's all digital, you can copy an entire workspace, or parts of it, and use it as a template for your next training. REAL automatically removes your participants and content created by them, so you can safely copy from one case to another. Once closed, your workspaces will remain available in the Workspace Archive, so that you can reopen and reuse them any time you want. 


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