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Engage people, energise them, and drive change?

Create a digitally enriched version of your process, method, or workshop?

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Using clunky enterprise software that doesn't support engagement?

Juggling 5-6 different tools to get the job done?


Then read on.

This software is built for you.



Make your next change process faster, smoother, and more lasting.



Go from stand-alone sessions to a continuous process of learning and reflection.


Engage in new ways

Activate participants before, during, and after in-person sessions. Co-create with real time video, photos, polls, and more. Your creativity is the limit. 


Engage Everyone

20, 200, or 2000 participants? Doesn't matter. You reach them just as easily, and the workspace is the documentation for the project. 


Engage more easily

Drag-and-drop interface for you, and one-click access on any device for your clients. If you can draw it on a flipchart, you can build it with REAL.

What our customers say

The best part is that I don’t have to adapt, REAL adapts to my way of working.
— Managing Director in a transformation consultancy
Easy and intuitive to use and navigate.
— Managing Partner in a leadership consultancy
Including REAL has made our trainings more like a process instead of sessions.
— Managing Director in HR consultancy
The unique benefit for us is the visual quality of the platform, it’s easy to approach.
— Service Designer at service design consultancy
I’m able to offer clients an easy-to-use platform for dialogue.
— Partner in a change management consultancy
It is hard to single out one or a few features. I like how easy it is to be creative and realize the idea in your head.
— Partner in a leadership consultancy
What I found amazing is the ability to have everything nicely packed almost instantly when I finish my facilitation day.
— Managing Partner in a management consultancy

What our customers' customers say

The value dialogue that we did with REAL was the most extensive personnel project that we have realised to date.
— Merja Ranta-aho, Human Resources Manager, Elisa
What was left under the bottom line after the REAL process was lots of culture and big things! I believe there is not a single employee who wouldn’t know our mission or doesn’t stand behind it. We created something new that felt important to everyone.
— Anita Laxén, Vice President, Communications, Paulig Group

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