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REAL – an intuitive web-based software for creating structured dialogue

Made by consultants, for consultants.

New ways of facilitation

Design and build your own process from the ground up. Activate people before, during, in between, and after workshops and trainings. Discuss and document ideas by video, photos, and text. Or just let your groups take control and monitor progress online. It’s all there, forming a coherent story.

We can keep things moving forward continuously and not get stuck between meetings.
​​​​​​​Brand Manager, Global Corporation

Scale your work

Engage hundreds or thousands of people at a time, anywhere in the world, across organizations. Ideate and discuss online, in real time. Upload and document your work on the fly. Gather dialogue and feedback easily, and analyze on the spot. And when it’s done, just copy your stuff to do it all over again with a new group.

I feel like Superman. No more emailing files, typing post-its, and gathering feedback on paper.
​​​​​​​Organisational Development Consultant, Consulting Company

So easy it makes you smile

No installation, no plugins, no usernames to remember, no sign-on required. Real-time, in the cloud, with a drag-and-drop interface. Works on any operating system, any device, any screen size. Our support is great, but you won’t need it. If you can draw it, you can build it with REAL.

Most of our people don’t even realize they’re using an external tool.
Managing Partner, Consulting Company

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Our partners' success stories

The value dialogue, that we did with REAL was the most extensive personnel project that we have realised do date.

Merja Ranta-aho, Human Resources Manager, Elisa

What were left under the bottom line after the REAL process were lots of culture and big things! I believe there is not a single employee who wouldn’t know our mission or doesn’t stand behind it. We created something new that felt important to everyone.

— Anita Laxén, Vice President, Communications, Paulig Group

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