Digital facilitering

den 26. oktober 2017

All organisationsutveckling grundar sig på samarbete mellan människor. Förmågan att facilitera möten, workshops och dialogforum för bästa möjliga värdeskapande är därför avgörande. Under detta kostnadsfria webbinarium berättar vi om möjligheterna med digital facilitering.

Let’s make your change REAL 

8th of November 2017

To change an organization, you have to learn from the organization. REAL helps you to look into the best practices and other processes adopted by the organization and focus on the ones that are already moving it in the desired direction.

Digital Facilitation

29th of November

Digital facilitation gives every participant a possibility to be an active and essential part of a co-created story. Join our webinar and learn how to create and facilitate effective group participation and involvement in virtual settings?

Disrupting consulting with 5 paradoxes

13th of December 2017

You are able to create radically new practices with familiar practices. It's all possible in the contexts and processes of dialogical transformation, participatory design, empowering and engaging. Ilkka Mäkitalo will be representing the power of REAL from the paradoxal point of view.

Past events & webinars

REAL case story: D. E. Prego Ltd -webinar recording: With REAL Prego has managed to establish a continuum of engagement before, during and after the workshops and trainings