REAL for transformation

Change is faster, smoother, and more lasting, when it happens through a continuous process of genuine engagement. 


identify cultural issues for intervention

Organisational culture happens and lives in local dialogues. Making those local dialogues visible throughout the organisation is a critical step in any intervention, and a key enabler of change. With REAL, you can create almost any kind of structure and rhythm for the dialogue, and thus set your process on the required path. 


maintain Integrated communications

Consistency of communication is key for any large-scale project, and doubly so when dealing with change. With REAL, you can engage the whole organisation with synchronised messaging in one shared, distraction-free space. 


make sense of themes and direction

You can't model in the human factor in an excel sheet. REAL helps you keep your ear to the ground, run polls and surveys, and analyse developing themes across the organisation with the word cloud tool. 

Story: from a loose network of bureaus to a modern digital organization

Many public organizations have roots that go back decades, even centuries. With digitalisation, the role of these bureaus typically has not disappeared, yet their daily work has changed dramatically. Our case organization wanted to transform itself from a network of isolated local bureaus into a modern and transparent entity. Knowing the old habits and traditions would be sitting tight, the leadership wanted to encourage the necessary change in an engaging and positive fashion.