REAL for workshops

Email and flip charts still work, but your client expects more


Turn the 1-day workshop into a one-month learning path

Spread out the exposure to new ideas, and increase impact with continuous interaction. Get the ball rolling with one or two quick rounds of pre-activation, follow up  with a group exercise immediately after the workshop, and close with an individual reflection assignment. All available online, on any device, when and where it suits the participant. 


Energize people with an interactive day

Instead of the typical death-by-powerpoint approach, invite the participants to co-create the workshop. Take photos of flip charts, and document group exercises with short videos. Brainstorm in the workspace, and mine the collective wisdom with the word cloud tool. Run real-time polls throughout the day. Anything but "the deck, the whole deck, and nothing but the deck".  

story: organizational development workshop for 700 people

Public organization, annual Development Day, 700 people packed in an auditorium to agree on goals for the next year. The obvious challenge for the consultant facilitating the show is to keep the audience engaged throughout the day. REAL helped make the Development Day an interactive and inspiring experience for all participants.