Disrupting consulting with 5 paradoxes

13th of December 2017

You are able to create radically new practices with familiar practices. It's all possible in the contexts and processes of dialogical transformation, participatory design, empowering and engaging. Ilkka Mäkitalo will be representing the power of REAL from the paradoxal point of view.


Past events & webinars

Digital Facilitation webinar [In Finnish, in English, In Swedish]: Digital facilitation gives every participant a possibility to be an active and essential part of a co-created story. Create and facilitate effective group participation and involvement in virtual settings.

Digitalize your workshop (in Finnish): Involve hundreds or even thousands of people in your workshop. 

REAL case story: D. E. Prego Ltd webinar recording: With REAL Prego has managed to establish a continuum of engagement before, during and after the workshops and trainings