Supercharge your facilitation by going digital

Breakfast event 13.9.2018 | 8.00-11.00 | Finnish Ambassador's residence in Copenhagen (Grønningen 11, DK-1270)

Join our event of digital facilitation – To enable real change and growth, we’ve learned that engagement is co-created through involvement and participation. Digitalizing your facilitation enables you to engage your groups in new and exciting ways. Achieve outcomes that have a real connection on daily work. Save your seat now!


Past events & webinars 

Disrupting consulting with 5 paradoxes webinar [In Finnish, In English]: You are able to create radically new practices with familiar practices. It's all possible in the contexts and processes of dialogical transformation, participatory design, empowering and engaging.

Digital Facilitation webinar [In Finnish, in English, In Swedish]: Digital facilitation gives every participant a possibility to be an active and essential part of a co-created story. Create and facilitate effective group participation and involvement in virtual settings.

Breakfast event: Digitalize your workshop (in Finnish): Involve hundreds or even thousands of people in your workshop. 

REAL case story: D. E. Prego Ltd webinar recording: With REAL Prego has managed to establish a continuum of engagement before, during and after the workshops and trainings