Focus on learning, not teaching

The fundamental problem with existing eLearning and learning management systems is that they are designed to support teaching, not learning. However, according to the 70:20:10 model of learning and development, only 10% of human learning happens through formal training and coursework.

REAL allows trainers and consultants to support the participants’ natural learning process not only during, but also before and after the training session. With collaboration and interaction at its core, REAL increases the impact of your training program and maximizes the participants’ learning potential.

Key benefits of REAL for blended learning

For participants

The learning community at your fingertips

Learning is a state of mind. That’s why REAL allows you to access the learning community whenever you want, wherever you are, and on any device.

Endless peer support

If you usually think that coffee breaks and post-session discussions are the best parts of a training day, you’re in for a treat. REAL makes learning social – in and out of the classroom.

Always only one click away

Your REAL workspace is every bit as logically organized as the course itself. If you’ve used social media, you can use REAL. And with no need to log in, learning is only one click away.


For trainers and consultants

Enrich your training programs

Too often training sessions are treated as one-off engagements. Instead of using 5 training days over the course of 6 months, why not spend less time in a classroom, and more time online?

Digitalize your current process – or build a new one

REAL allows you to challenge the way you work. Instead of forcing your participants to use a dozen different tools, your entire training program now lives in one place. 

Focus on what matters: learning

Creating a workspace takes less time and effort than creating a PowerPoint presentation. REAL allows you to focus on what matters and forget about what doesn’t. 


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