REAL challenges and solutions

Challenge #1

You need to touch people’s hearts

Change is about behaviour

And no matter what the economics books say, people are not purely rational, so no amount of bullet points and numbers alone will get people to change.

Stories create change

Stories are how we see the world, and how we create meaning. Successful change often starts with a powerful, shared story about the “why”, the “what”, and the “how”.

REAL is a platform for a co-created story

With REAL, everyone can share their stories on any device, anywhere in the world, any time. Use text, photos, and video. Like, discuss and vote on the most impactful stories.

Collaboration throughout the organization
Engaging the organization with REAL

Challenge #2

You need to engage everyone

Not invented here

Even a good story is likely to be met with suspicion if it comes from "someone else". The line between motivation and manipulation is thin, and a scent of the latter can wreck the change process in its infancy.

Change is as much about how it happens as what is happening

Invite everyone into the discussion, and let them have a say. In addition to giving you a wealth of different views, this will make everyone feel appreciated, and less likely to oppose the changes later on.

REAL: a toolkit for facilitating large-scale discussions

Engage individuals and groups into multi-stage dialogues. Get the bird’s-eye view with the Word Cloud tool. Reframe the discussion with the Sensemaking tool by introducing themes, collect quotes under the themes, and analyze and discuss each theme separately.


Challenge #3

You need to transfer ownership

There’s only so much a single facilitator can do

REAL is the perfect force multiplier and can help you reach thousands. Even so, in the long run, your transformation will be smoother if you can cultivate local change champions and transfer ownership to them.

Peer sharing helps local champions build their own story

In order to be credible, local champions need to be authentic. Sharing experiences with their peers will help local champions build their own narratives, and guide their teams through the process of change.

REAL is the perfect platform for you AND local champions

A digital space means you can involve just the right people from anywhere in the world. User groups allow you to tailor communications to the team level, while hidden pages enable local champions to compare experiences in privacy if needed.
Engaging people around the world
Managing change in organizations - make it stick

Challenge #4

You need to make it stick

Change always creates friction

No matter how good the start, change is never easy. Learning new things is always uncomfortable. And it takes time for it to become the “new normal”, so there’s plenty of opportunities for things to grind to a halt.

Build a positive feedback loop

Generate quick wins and share them across the organization. This keeps the discussion going, provides opportunities for reflection, and helps everyone stay on track - all the while creating a living documentation of the change journey.

REAL lets you tailor your follow-up

What question would you like to ask? You decide. From whom? You decide. Who should be able to give feedback to whom? You decide. Should everyone be able to see? Or is it for your eyes only? Everything is possible.


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