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REAL is now Howspace

Aug 24, 2018 9:05:13 AM

 We are happy to introduce you to the new version of REAL, that is answering to the name “Howspace”. 

To recognize that we’ve released a new version of the good old digital facilitation platform REAL we are asking you to meet the new Howspace. It’s all about something much bigger and better than a regular update, and that’s why we felt like it was time to come up with a more descriptive name and brand. The new name communicates what the platform is all about: enabling new ways of working. It is all about how we collaborate and do what we do. In another words, Howspace sits comfortably between your “why” and “what” (see Simon Sinek).



The new name Howspace comes with the new brand and identity. We’re rolling out the new brand and name change gradually 
and our plan is to fully transition during this fallStarting from 28th of August, you can find us at:

Join us and start moving your change forward with Howspace!

If you are interested, please read more on our FAQ page.

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